Founded in 1999, Applied Business Computers, LLC is dedicated to help small businesses under 100 users that wish to outsource their IT functions to reduce cost while still being provided with high quality, 24/7 service.

AB Computers specializes in the following services/products:

- procurement of new hardware/software

- cloud hosting and storage 

- data protection, backup, and recovery

- business applications

- network services

- cybersecurity and compliance

- business disaster recovery planning

- print service management

- mobile device management

AB Computers serves a diverse client base, including doctor’s offices, law firms, CPA firms, insurance agents, mortgage brokers, retail stores, state and local government agencies, K-12 education, and etc. With 24 years of excellent track record, we are a leading IT provider to small businesses in today’s competitive environment.

Cloud Hosting and Storage


Business Applications

Network Services

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