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Securing your data in today's world is a must! One day you can be infected with a virus or your hard drive can stop working. That is when you will thank yourself that your computer information has been securely stored on a backup.

Here are some Backup means equiped with the latest technology:

*Online Backup-One solution for effective data backup system is to use Internet data storage from one of the many online backup service providers available on the Internet. By using an online backup solution provider you get a backup system for your computer's data that is secure and at the same time stored safely at a remote location.

*Disck Image Backup-By making a disk image of your computer you can protect your data and be up and running in case of a virus attack or a hard disk failure. You can also move the whole system to other computers by having your information duplicated.

*Workstation Backup-Regular workstation backups are something which should be part of your professional working schedule as this lead to a better business well-being.

*Tape Backup-By storing your data on backup tapes your are protecting your data cost effectively and safely. Before you set up any form of tape backup drives on your system you must decide what backup strategy to use and what tape drive system best suits your needs.

*Backup to DVD/CD-Data Backup of PC can now be made via in built DVD/CD Backup software.

*Data Recovery-Don't do anything at first or things may get worse. Remain calm! Let us to to analyze your situation.
Consider your data recovery options only after you done the analysis.

*External Backup-Solutions with external disk drives are fast becoming more popular as the data backups are becoming larger than ever. The amount of data stored on the average computer is climbing.
Increasing reliability of backups, as well as the capacity for backups increases, external hard disks are an easy and affordable means of backing up a computer system.

*SAN-A Storage Area Network or SAN is a separate network from any other servers, clients, or routers. Every business eventually is faced with the same problem: how can both servers and clients access the same files, and how can this be deployed in a solution which is scalable?

*NAS-A NAS server is essentially a server that is set aside strictly for distributing files to other servers, and client computers. Throughout small and large businesses, there is a constant need to store large amounts of data on a central server.

*RAID Disks-Selecting the proper solution of mirrored disks for your server can mean the difference between having your data intact, and losing all of your data. Given the large amounts of data stored on servers, there is a need to keep that data secured against hardware failure. In most circumstances, a RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) array is the best way to protect your data. However, there are several different implementations of RAID, each with its own specific drawbacks and advantages. Let's explore the different types of a RAID array, and how they can protect your data.

*Backup in Windows-There are many different ways to make backup in Windows and there are many different backup programs for Windows sold by independent software producers. What you need is a reliable backup program which is easy to use which can be used to backup to CD, DVD, to another disk server, to ZIP drives or to do backup over the Internet.

*Backup Strategy-Small business people need a working data backup strategy as the value of their businesses are more and more found stored on their computers.

*Laptop Backup-Many business and office people use their laptops in different location so that they can work at any location and have access to their computers outside of the office. They use laptops when they are traveling or when they are working from home. This make their laptops extra vulnerable as laptops are prone to theft. As laptop computers are moved about it is also susceptible to shakings and the hard disk and other sensitive components can be damage.

*FTP Backup-One attractive alternative for storing of your data are over the Internet to the remote storage area by using an FTP transfer.

*USB Backup-There are several different types of USB Storage devices available on the market today. Ranging from external hard disk drives to USB flash drives, these devices provide the ability to quickly copy data off of a desktop, laptop, or server. Here you will find some of the advantages and disadvantages of the different USB storage media options available on the market, and how these devices can help you with your data storage needs.

*FLASH Memories-There are many types of flash memory available, each with their own specific advantages and disadvantages. Ranging from removable flash memory cards, to USB memory sticks, these devices offer high data write speeds, and easy to access storage solutions. Here you can discover more about the more popular USB based flash memory types, and their direct disadvantages and advantages.