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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Linksys One

There are many reasons to choose Linksys One for your small business. Here are ten:

1. Easy to order and install

Simply decide how many users are on the network and how many phone numbers you need. Thatís it!. Other solutions can require a significant amount of technical knowledge just to order them.

2. Plug and play

Whether you are adding a new employee or a new office, adding new gear is a snap. Linksys One products are plug and play and designed to work seamlessly with each other. Want to add a new phone? Easy. Just plug it in. Try doing that with a key system!

3. One system with one contact

Instead of negotiating with different phone, Internet, and networking companies, you have a single system with a single point of contact for everything.

4. Affordable

The Linksys One solution is more affordable than other communications systems especially when you consider the costs associated with complicated configuration and maintenance and maintaining relationships with multiple vendors.

5. Self managing

The network virtually manages itself. Software updates for all the equipment are constantly updated without any intervention on your part. Traditional phone systems usually require complicated updates, onsite visits, and costly software service agreements.

6. Best voice quality

Linksys One uses your broadband Internet connection for voice and data. Unlike most other Internet voice systems, Linksys One automatically gives voice the highest priority so sound quality is never compromised. So if someone in your office is downloading a large file and someone else is using the phone, the phone automatically gets priority.

7. No IT staff needed

Linksys One is both your Internet and telephone service. And you don't need an Information Technology (IT) staff to run either one. Your service provider constantly monitors the system to be sure your software is current and the network is running properly. Other systems quickly reach a point where you need IT help.

8. Easy to add services

Because your phone system and Internet are converged, you can easily add services over the Internet. Need voice mail? Just visit your personalized site and select the option for voice mail. The service is instantly activated.

9. Designed top-to-bottom for small business

Linksys One is designed by industry leaders Cisco Systems and Linksys specifically for small business. We know it needs to be easy and affordable, but have the features and quality you expect in any phone system. Others offer scaled-down versions of their large-business solutions, unfortunately without a reduction in complexity.

10. Poised for the future

Linksys One is designed to grow and work with exciting new upcoming communications technologies. Videoconferencing and video surveillance, for example, is usually only available to expensive communications systems. As soon as video products are available, you can simply add them to the systems as easily as adding a new phone.